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GUH. I'm so bad at these. tagged by Kiboku


1. You must post These rules.

2. Each person Has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and put Their icons in your journal.
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
6. No tag-backs.
7. You can not say That You do not do tags.
8. You MUST make a journal entry!


1. I woke up at 4:30 this morning.
2. I currently smell like dog from being at work + a dog show + having my own stinky dog.
3. I can make a mean baked tortellini dinner.
4. My idea of a party is netflix and pizza, basically.
5. I have at least one clock in every room of my apartment. There is a constant harmony of ticking.
6. Very rarely am I ever not hungry.
7. I hardly, if ever, open/read my textbooks for college.
8. I am really in need of a nap right now.
9. I am very close to both my brother and sister and I don't understand how some people don't get along with their siblings.
10. My favorite color of t-shirt is free.


1. What's your favorite fruit and why?
- Grapes maybe? They're pretty easy and mess-free to eat and they taste yummy.

2. Do you like anime?
- Nope.

3. What was your first impression of me?
- I was inspired by your art, but intimidated by your popularity, if I remember correctly.

4. What's your favorite number and why?
- Uhhh, 3? It's just a nice number. I've always liked it.

5. What character did you get most recently? (trade or sale)
reil ref. by mooberri

6. Do you like Dr. Pepper? :D (Big Grin)
- My blood is like...86% Dr. Pepper I'm pretty sure.

7. Are you allergic to anything?
- Dogs!

8. What's your favorite decoration you own?
- My clocks c:

9. Favorite pattern/print?
- Plaid is pretty great.

10. DO your feet smell too??
- Yes. My feet got wet at work and it's just awful.


1. What was the last traffic violation you committed? 
2. What is your favorite feature (physical or personality trait) about yourself?
3. If you could rename yourself, what would your name be?
4. If one bone in your body was permanently broken, which one would you want it to be?
5. What kind of car do you have/drive (color + make/model)? I like cars, okay
6. What was your favorite thing to do at recess when you were a kid? 
7. Do you drink your tap water?
8. What's your dream profession?
9. Would you rather have a backwards elbow or backwards knee?
10. How often do you talk to your mom/dad/guardian?

:iconrelaxcupcake: :iconcharlysombrerowearer: :iconprofound: :iconlouberri: :icondachsi: :icondyrn00b: :iconplasticmittens: :iconreyna-love: :iconrascal: :iconshewolf121:
APOLOGIES if you find this annoying or have already been tagged. I just know your dA name so you were easy to tag c;


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United States
if you're looking for an interesting person, please look elsewhere.
if you're looking for a boring person, i'm pretty friendly.



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alridpath Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student General Artist
Thanks so much for the watch! You've got lovely designs! C:
mooberri Featured By Owner 3 days ago
No problem, thank you!
relaxcupcake Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Student General Artist
mooberri Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015
joesse Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015
Hello!!! I was wondering if you do ref sheet commissions??? and if you're open for them right now?? 
mooberri Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015
Hey! I do, but they aren't currently open. This semester is keeping me busy, but I'm hoping to be able to open them somewhat soon, maybe around May or June. c:
joesse Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015
Okay yay! I'll keep watch :D
8bitjay Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015  Student General Artist
Thank you so much for the watch!!! <3
DaffoDille Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
All done! What do you think? :heart:

MooberriPixel by DaffoDille
mooberri Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2015
eeee, it's amazing, I love it!<3
you made her look so cute and happy! ;;
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